Lord Out Of Reynifell-Reydarvatn-Keldur- Asgardur-Kirkjubær-from Scandinavia:




Book Number Seven About The Formula: A^2+B^2=C^2


The application on the market, which will be answered with yes, is not known yet here in my research when I register this first sentence on this homepage about university the next six minutes and in the long periods towards the year 6000.This sentence is registered the day number 31, of August, Anno Domini 2001,with reference to the day number 31, of August, Anno Etymologiae 6000.A task ahead here in my research is to present a summary or more of my books for more of readers than hitherto, who are possibly interested in my research fields.A task ahead also here in my research is to add an application to applications,which are,this day number 31 of August 2001,at employers.My applications and my practices hitherto and hereafter,are at employers,who are in one way or another participants with or against  me in a context of free and socialized and centralized market.This great common market is according to root and stem scientific prospects,for branches,on its way and ways towards the founder on Circus Maximus,possibly not later than in the year 6000.The founder of the market,becomes possibly or certainly deus, as Mercurius,where he becomes,not later than in the year 6000,a participant with deus Mars under headship of dea Juno and deus Jupiter,in a great context,which; this year 6000,becomes possibly or certainly rather -etymotext-than context of sciences and practices,production and services,and politics,better founded than hitherto at -polis at Acropolis.Homer and more of beginners will possibly or certainly be corrected by scientists in the year 6000 or before.The formula of Pythagoras will be utilized in the year 6000,in the root and stem scientific manner for branches.Keu + sek root = caput with socius , with the letters a+b=c.Then in second power; a^2+b^2=c^2 became: Caput Aryan Romanus + socius = in a later arrangement; Capitol House in Washington and its socius-connected enemies or allies.


I register here in my research The Saturday number 8 of September of 2001,and I refer to number 8 of September in the year 5000,Anno Etymologiae,A.E.but not A.D. The year 5000 is a year of 9 worlds and more of worlds,analyzed in Etymologitas,but not in Universitas and not in universe,according to my books.Nine I remember worlds in accordance with Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland.The great forecast in this book of a seeress,has been a subject for scientists in the world.It is in my books connected with Semitic and Greek and Latin,and other root and stem sciences for branches.This forecast,which is by some authors translated as a prophecy,is an original systematic research text in Nordic Countries.It has had attention because it is created and registered in the period,when Christianity had some kind of a victory overagainst its opposition.Christianity is possibly an -anity of the lady of the lord who was on the tree of wings,cross tree.Christianity was  possibly   not a welcome -anity at the lord of conflict,Thor against Virgin of Woden.The Can of Woden or vates is possibly or certainly The Vatican.Thor son of Woden is in my research compared with a huge lord of conflict from Trier in Germania,who was of Semitic origin as well as Thor.Thor must have been a Semite from Israel,since his father Woden was the lord on the tree of wings.The ancient Aryans occupied countries of Semites,destroyed ancient Israel and damaged The Arabs,and forced later Israel to be a chosen nation,when a portion of Aryans repented and established The Can Of Woden,or Vatican,and other churches of Christianity,which is in my books in my research analyzed as Woden-anity.Woden-anity in the son Balder or in Yeshua,seems to have its opposition from Thor-anity,or Thor became swollen with rage and oaths broke apart when Virgin Of Woden was given,possibly,or certainly from a race to a race.If for example Mark Twain would have been Etymological Mark Twain,or Mark In Etymology,then his texts could possibly have been more advanced than were his texts.The case is greater.The case is about a huge doctor from Trier, for example, and his predecessors,and successors, as they have been men and women of power to the thrones of fate.What about their possibilities and possibilities of homo sapiens in general,such as if Capitol House would have been Etymological House,with other houses of law assemblies in the world?Is it possible that Etymologitas Of Harvard will come instead of Harvard University before the year 2600 or before the year 6000,because Nobel Prize winners will gradullay discover better than hitherto; etymological analysis as root and stem analysis for all branches?


I do possibly have a reader up to a certain extent in Harvard University.I know up to a certain extent about readers in University Of Oxford,or at Oxford University Press,and at home in Scandinavia,in University Of Copenhagen and Oslo,and in Lund in Sweden,and in Iceland.Reactions to my research have been different.I have had maximum and minimum grade for a summary, read by opponents, or by critics.They have read a summary of my research or they have read the theme of my research with some of theme parts.Noone of my critics has been able to protest against the accuracy of root and stem analysis for branches.The question is- in principio- in my research:Is university culture and science and politics possibly or certainly worse than the alternative; Etymologity or Etymologitas culture and science and politics,production and services,arts and athletic branches?How can be Etymological Olympic Games in the year 6000?Will they run 100 metres in 6 minutes?I can not answer the question whether they will run faster and faster,the next six minutes and in the long periods until the year 6000,but prospects are about better results in the future than hitherto.It will possibly not be in accordance with rules to jump the 100 metres in the year 6000.They will possibly in the future, run the 100 metres, as at the present moment.I am trying here to be concerned with The Olympic Games in the year 6000.Will there be such Games in the year 6000?Noone knows the real scientific truth about this year 6000,but it is to be expected that there will be great changes the next six minutes and in the long periods towards the year 6000.Possibly or certainly unbelievable changes,for homo sapiens.What is self evident in year 2001,when this sentence is registered, will possibly not be self evident in the year 6000.My research conclusions are that Frigg and Mercurius will come back in centrum and at socius,with Balder and Hödur and Thor and Woden and with the whole team,and they will construct, as Femina Et Homo Etymologiae, in the year 6000.Terminus in lingva Latina has other terms than North-European root and stem scientists for branches,and The Greek and Chinese and Thailandic scientists have their own styles and traditions as well as Cherokees and all nations. I maintain in my errand to a Biological Anthropological Institute of a University in England, that it is proper for anthropologists as well as other scientists to become, better,- in the future, than hitherto,-as root and stem scientists for branches.They are two times -logical in the name of their institute in the University Of Oxford in England,possibly because they are theoretically and actually in lack of real, genuine, root and stem analysis for branches.Their Institute is defined as Biological Anthropological Institute,most likely in order to make the difference between them and the so called social anthropology.I maintain that such an institute in Etymologitas after the end of Universitas,could for example have the name The  Linguistic or  Etymological Institute About Primitive Woman And Man,or primitive homo sapiens.When the institute is concerned with the culture of the primitive woman and man,then the department of the institute can just have the name:The Culture Department.Socius Romanorum is not very much connected with primitive cultures such as in Africa,or the influence can also be from caput Romanus and from Romanus in centrum.The so called social anthropology will possibly come to an end in Etymologitas after periods of Universitas.This example about anthropology is one among other examples in my research about changed organization chart in Etymologitas in the future,compared with the chart of Universitas.The word -anthropos- who is Greek man, is used about a primitive man.Is that necessary or can there be some other construction in this connection,which is not necessarily about Greek man as primitive man?A true fact can be about ancient Greek man as partly a more advanced man than were men of some other nations.Homer is considered to be an original systematic designer among Euro-Aryans.He was possibly not a very primitive man himself.He is possibly comparable with Ernest Hemingway.They were both concerned with cruelty and war.Both of them could possibly have been better designers than they were,if they would have discovered root and stem analysis of branches of war and peace,as I have discovered these analysis with my very limited abilities.I hope here at this moment in my research,that I will -gradually in the long periods until my last day after my 100 years birthday-develop my vision so that my research text in my books will become more advanced than hitherto.I have written to my reader that -my mother -has forced me with her -cruelty,-to keep my vision on my left eye,as a foster vision in order to hide my real origin.An oculist has compared my right-eyed character with my right handed character,if I remember correctly his definition. When a particular sin is committed in a case in addition to original sin which is a sin in heritage,then a person can possibly be left-eyed or right eyed,as well as right -handed or left handed according to my assumption.The lord and lady of The holy Etymological Church in the year 6000,who is possibly or certainly Yeshua and Maria as well as they are in charge of The Vatican and Christianity,-have possibly forgiven my grandmother and her dear lover, my grandfather, their sin,when they had my mother outside their marriages.They let the priest falsify the documents of my mother.The case is a great problem in the families in this connection as false birth documents are often in families.


Extra sensuary perception are for example words to be concerned with in my research,but not as this perception is defined with the false analysis of the Psyche-phrenic  psychiatry-psychology,but with help from the excellent root and stem analytic,etymological, scientists for all branches.Etymology of the holy spirit can also possibly be important,because the holy spirit can,-in etymology- instead of theology, be common for Christianity and its opposition. There is a question in beginning of my first book about Chamberlain.Would Chamberlain have been better than Churchill,for Israel and Aryans and Arabs and the whole world?There is possibly or certainly no longer a danger that there will be world war in addition to war before, because of -fortunately- changed circumstances.But few persons or minority groups,without any state particularly involved,can do much harm,and there can be a reason for states to be careful in reactions against terrorists.In a war against a state,most victims are innocent.Hitler was an Austrian terrorist in Germany,who belonged originally to a minority group,but they managed to become owners of army and police.My research is for example about Lenin and the dr.Marx as authors of Hitler,or their international socius-istic terror,may have caused the national-socius-istic terror .The huge dr.Marx was also the great capitalistic,or caput-istic creator of such policies.This terroristic doctor from Trier did not analyze conditions.He created conditions with his books.He could possibly write a research text about his character and personality in connection with caput Romanus and socius in connection with Mars overagainst Jupiter and other powers to the thrones of fate. Right and left and centrum extravagances ,both in the political and in religious and in scientific manner can be,or have been,or are dangerous,and have caused terror and death.My books are very difficult for myself and for my reader to understand,but I am clearly based at root and stem scientists for branches.Root and stem scientists for branches about old and ancient manuscripts,are clearly concerned with many different characters and personalities on scenes of life in conflict with each other.There is cooperation also,at a portion with another portion of socius-connected -iety,or society.When the Psyche-phrenic maniacs,every psychiatrist and psychologist,are committing their false science,then they abuse every concept,according to my books.They are examples from and in universities,where they are unus-phrenic in their version in universitas.Their psychiatry-psychology is Psyche-phrenia,or their own scizophrenia.Their victims are healthy.If a person commits a crime such as terrorists do,then the person must have its conscience,according to law.It is dangerous and has caused terror and death,according to my books,to define someone as non -compos mentis.Such a definition made it possible for Charachis and many other criminals among psychiatrists and psychologists to become terrorists themselves.I maintain in my research that root and stem analytic scientists for branches of Christianity and branches of  Islam or Mohammed and Allah and Jehova,or branches of  any other power to the thrones of fate,will gradually the next six minutes and in the long periods towards the year 6000 have a great version from the universion in universitas towards etymologitas.I ask here in my research,etymologically,or root and stem scientifically analyzed supreme court,or etymologically analyzed rulers of galaxies,if they do have life behind scenes of visible life,to forgive me and correct me,if I am not enough in premises of real sciences.My prayer can possibly also be to supreme court of this world,visible world,as supreme court will be in the year 6000.The supreme court in the year 6000,of this world,will,according to my books,not belong to homo sapiens,but to femina et homo etymologiae.Such are my research conclusions based on material and premises,if it is with permission at my publishers,Netscape International and at other connected publishers,and their authorities,to be root and stem scientific in my manner,for branches,where mine is the responsibility for my books.


I ask here in my research,whether there can be a highly advanced linguistic,but not  particularly extra sensuary perception,or holy spirit in etymology,but not in theology,and not at all in the Psyche-phrenic psychiatry-psychology,- which,or who could have told victims of terror,what kind of a danger was ahead,so that they would have become able to avoid the terror.Clarity of mind for such scientitific and general intuition,for example clarity for a captain and his crew,and passengers,during a flight , is not taught by Psyche-phrenic maniacs,every psychiatrist and psychologist,according to my research,if my publishers permit this meaning where I am responsible for the meaning as a scientist,and man of practices.Is it possible that The Holy Etymological Church will be on scenes of a planet instead of theological church,before the year 6000,and up to some extent the next six minutes?Does that mean also that Etymologitas will come instead of Universitas,because universitas is based on the universion from semitology and mythology over to theology?Who is Yeshua for an Arabic terrorist,who murders himself when he murders other people?Is it possibly dangerous for Christianity and Islam therewith to maintain that Yeshua sacrificed his life,and became in that manner the great hero?Is it more in accordance with truth, possibly, that it was the worst crime ever committed when Hödur murdered Balder for Loki,according to ladies and lords of Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland?Did Yeshua shout or cry on the tree of wings,cross tree,because he wanted to be taken down from this terrible tree of wings,just as the victims of the terror in Washington and New York,and elsewhere,in the world, wanted to live, but not to die?I ask here in my research;Yeshua who is possibly Balder,who is according to language scientists,possibly connected with Baal; to show his mercy.He seems to be in a trinity with Woden and Tır.As Tır with Balder.

He is particularly connected with,-or he is- Jupiter and Zeus and deus pater in The Vatescan,which seems to be The Can Of Vates or Woden.The great Aryan lord of the lords is clearly not an Austrian as was Hitler, but is of Semitic origin.I ask here in my research whether the great lord of the lords is possibly in a trinity and also outside a trinity according to ladies and lords of Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland.Is he,with his sister who may have been his mother also:The faulty present from a field like country as is  Israel or Palestina,because much terror as well as peace,has been connected with the present.Even the devil came with him as he was the lord,but before  were Jupiter and Saturnus and Mars and Mercurius on the scenes,and Zeus and Apollo,and many more of powers to the thrones of fate,where for example Psyche has a very little position in the organization chart,of root and stem sciences for branches.Zeusatric rather than alleged dirty  Psyche-phrenic psychiatric Freud for example,could even have been on some speaking and writing terms with The Vatican,if Freud and The Vatican,could have been in cooperation with root and stem analytic, linguistic etymological scientists for branches.


I register here in my research,The Friday number 14 of September 2001,and I refer to number 14 of September in the year 5000,Anno Etymologiae,according to my research.I refer also to the next five minutes here in my research.How will employers,who have my applications,have their answers?Is it possible that I will have the answer yes, soon, to one of my applications,or must I have an application in addition to my applications at employers, in order to have the answer yes?My application to Harvard University is only for a short comment or no comment about the key question in my research,and only if my main question is considered to be important.The main question in my research is for myself a very difficult question.An Oxford expert wrote to me some years ago here in my research,that the summary which he and his co-workers read,was -almost entirely incomprehensible-.I agree with the Oxford experts,but their reaction seems to be in the manner,that my research theme for the variations,can also be a little bit comprehensible.I have sometimes a very difficult atmosphere, when I am concerned with my research,but I have also good atmosphere,when I am concerned with my research,more often than bad atmosphere.The lord of the lords is sometimes or often in my perception,when I am concerned with my research.I am not sure about his meaning.He comes to me as a man who wanted to live a long life without the terror on the tree of wings.His character and personality can not,according to my research be defined by the false Psyche-phrenic maniacs, who is every psychiatrist and psychologist,according to my books,and not either in theology,but in etymology of the holy spirit.Root and stem analysis for branches of the church,or The Holy Etymological Church in the year 5000, can be in many manners for the lord of lords and his holy mother; virgina magna mater dei.She is possibly or certainly Virgin Of Woden, -Od´s mey- in Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland.He is possibly or certainly the rich one, who comes to judge with Regina, possibly in the year 5 000 000,Anno Etymologiae.How will situations and circumstances be in the year 5 000 000?Who will be on scenes of a solar system and galaxies in the year 5 000 000?Will it be a descendant of a very ancient and primitive type,who was defined as femina et homo etymologiae?Was this very ancient type a descendant of a more ancient type which was defined as homo sapiens?Will the final type on the scenes of a solar system and galaxies be:Angela et angelus etymologiae?Can some highly advanced reader tell me the true facts about the very distant future?The next five minutes must be very important,even inevitable for the development towards the year 5 000 000.I pray here in my research,to the holy spirit in etymology but not in theology,and I pray to all the  holy powers to the thrones of fate,in connection with Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland.I ask them to tell me;-where I will have the answer- yes- from an employer,where I am, -or will be,- an applicant,- for my next position on the market of production or services.I thank the powers to the thrones of fate for the practices which I have at the momemt ,when I register this sentence in my scientific research,The Monday number 17 of September 2001,where I refer to development the next six minutes and in the long periods towards September number 17 in the year 6000.


September number 17 in the year 6000,will,according to my books,be for example a day of applicants on the market,possibly in a solar system rather than particularly on earth.The good next six minutes are important and inevitable for the development until the year 6000.My reader can ask here:Which are the good next six minutes and which are the bad next six minutes.It is up to my reader to determine what is his or her analysis.My analysis are in the premises of real sciences:I am a root and stem analytic scientist for branches of market,character and personality and political systems.The market will according to my books be in very solid hands and mind of femina et homo etymologiae in the year 6000,to left and right and centrum and shoulders in the political and physiological body of Atlas and at his femina et homo etymologiae.I maintain in my research that there are root and stem scientific prospects for branches for the future type of man and woman.Femina et homo etymologiae after the periods of the primitive homo sapiens will use both hands in a proper manner.They will even be left handed as well as right handed,each person at The Etruscan stem Phersu, both in the political manner and in the physiological manner in the year 6000.They will not be left-eyed or right-eyed or blind on both eyes as Hödur son of Woden, and those who are blind unless they use glasses.The glasses users are possibly,some of them connected with Hödur and some with Balder and some with Thor and some with Frigg or Saga or other powers to the thrones of fate .The lord Terminus has his own terms in lingva Latina about powers to the thrones of fate.Balder,or Yeshua has as Tır in his -trinity- with Woden,particular connections with,- or he is Jupiter and Zeus as Tır,which means possibly or certainly that this peculiar trinity of Heathens,or possibly rather of linguistic scientists;Woden Tır and Balder,is about Jupiter or Zeus or Yeshua.A portion were possibly not at all Heathens,but  justly  original linguistic  real scientists,who  may have understood how bad it was for Israel and then for Arabs and Aryans and other nations and races,-to be chosen or non-chosen.  Femina et homo etymologiae will not abuse stems from root and stem scientific contexts,for branches,because they will pursue Etymologitas,but not Universitas.Femina et homo etymologiae will not be Christians or Muslims or in the name of the super terroristic scientist; the dr Marx from Trier.Femina et homo etymologiae will analyze that this huge ancient monster; the dr.Marx from Trier did create conditions.He did not analyze conditions.His consciousness was worse than false for the people.It was a consciousness registered in books,which gave reasons for terror from left to centrum to right in the body of Atlas;revolutions,world war and more of war and other kinds of conflict and terror.The invasion from the dr.Marx was connected with lords of Mars,caput or lost Aryan Romanus and socius.They,the lords of Mars destroyed ancient Israel and damaged the Arabs and other occupied nations.They murdered the wondeful Balder son of Woden,and that was the worst crime ever committed, according to sources.I ask in my research whether it is dangerous in Christianity and possibly in Islam also to maintain that this terrible murder was a sacrifice of the victim.Was Balder or Yeshua a victim who wanted to live,but not to die,as victims in Washington or New York or Irak,or Kuwait,or victims of world war.Is it dangerous to maintain in Christianity and possibly in Islam also, that he was a hero,because he sacrificed himself?Is he in the manner of religion made an ideal for terrorists?Did he tell murderers where he was on the tree of wings,that they would be in paradise with him after their death?The holy Etymological Church and Synagoga and Moska,and Acropolis and Parthenon in the year 6000,which will,according to my research be on scenes,possibly on The Moon and Mars and Jupiter and Earth,after the end of the ancient theological church and Islam and other ancient constructions ,-will pursue etymology.Root and stem sciences for branches,will be pursued about the bible and the coran and about the dr.Marx and about the religion of free and socialized and centralized market woman and man in their connections with the Psyche-phrenic manaics;every psychiatrist and psychologist.


September 2001,Anno Domini With Reference To September In The Year 5000,Anno Etymologiae


The day is not known yet here in my research,when I can register next practice on the market with my scientific research.I register here this sentence in my research the day number 17 of September in the year 2001,with my reference to number 17 of September in the year 5000,which will be Anno Etymologiae,according to my books.My research theme and the variations to the theme are now and then, here in my books connected with certain dates,and the great devolopment between dates.Hours and minutes and seconds can be a matter of concern here in my research,in connection with the research theme and the variations.I ask here in my research all the holy powers to the thrones of fate,in connection with Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland,why I do sometimes have bad atmosphere and sometimes good atmosphere,when I am concerned with my research?Is the answer to my question the one that tradition of universitas is very long and therefore very strong,although universitas is very much deprived of real scientific premises,even in real sciences themselves?Is the reason for sometimes bad atmosphere in my research the one that the theologist does really tell us the truth,that Yeshua,or he, in an alleged distortion in an Aryan language,was theoretically and actually; unus solus sanctus,and therefore there had to be the version in the -tas; universitas?What about Frigg and Mercurius in centrum and at socius,in their possible alleged distortions in free and socialized and centralized market portions of socius-connected -ieties or in societies?Are they not sanctus or sancta;Frigg and Mercurius?Who is Frigg?She is the lady of the lord of victory.He;the lord of Frigg hanged on the tree of wings,cross tree.She was possibly as Freyja; Virgin Of Woden- Od´s mey-which means possibly that she was Sancta Maria.Mars and Mercurius and more of powers to the thrones of fate are gods,according to root and stem sciences for branches.The huge dr.Marx from Trier seems to be connected with lords of Mars,caput Romanus and socius overagainst Christianity of deus pater based with Jupiter and Zeus and Tır.Tır is possibly in a trinity with Woden and Balder.The huge dr.Marx maintains in his manner, with his supporters,that he is unus solus sanctus.The free and socialized and centralized market man and woman mean, each of them, in their manners,that they are each of them, sanctus, and sancta.It is a known story that great sanctuses have fought against each other in a terrible manner and  manners,through the centuries and thousands of years.Does the -tas of universion;universitas,encourage each of the sanctuses,to be as they are?Is it a good device the next five or six minutes and in the long periods towards the years 5000 and 6000,to use better than hitherto; root and stem analysis, for branches.With help from language scientists,who are not particularly political scientists, to left or right or centrum or shoulders in the body of Atlas?Is the concept -etymotivity- possible in English instead of objectivity?I have asked experts in Oxford this question,but it is difficult for them to answer the question,because of the very strong tradition of universitas.Scientists for example in so called social sciences on their way and ways,possibly, to become etymological scientists about market,character and personality and politics,can be; men or women of etymotivity but not objectivity.If they have for example a gallup poll,as scientists of -etymotivity- but not of objectivity,-then they would analyze the reasons for the question as well as the answer.A thematic real scientific example in my books is from medicine about the alleged dirty and narcotic Psyche-phrenic psychiatry with assistance from alleged dirty psychology.It is a question in my research whether all real scientific branches need to be based better than hitherto on their stems and roots. I am not a dentist or an engineer,so that I can therefore not be concerned with  root and stem sciences for branches of engineering or odontology.The alleged dirty psychiatrist is  connected with the alleged dirty psychology,which belongs to so called social sciences.These constructions, -for example,-in so called universities,-are examples,- in my research, about false or betraying use in universities, of stems, from root and stem sciences.Psyche and socius with caput Romanus, will -in the year 6000,or in the long periods,counted from the next six minutes and until the year 6000,-be ordered in root and stem scientific contexts, or manners, for branches.The Psyche-phrenic psychiatrist-psychologist,who is everyone of them,according to my books; does threaten great possibilities of human mind and consciousness.


I keep my intelligence possibly on the low level of academic qualities,because of ethical,or of etymological reasons, or of root and stem scientific reasons for branches.There is no psychological or psychiatric problem in my character and personality.My personality has not a Psyche-phrenic character as is personality of every psychiatrist and psychologist,according to my books. My personality is as every personality,defined in root and stem analytic manner for branches, at The Etruscan stem Phersu,according to research conclusions of language scientists.My problems and all problems are root and stem scentifically analyzed by language scientists for all branches.My problems as all problems are etymological problems,but not psychological or psychiatric problems.Psychiatrists and psychologists are according to my research,terrorists overagainst normal mind and consciousness of every woman and man. My method is to pursue only foster vision on my left eye.The left eye is possibly chosen,because left is rather connected with the sin, than right.My -mother´s parents- had my mother outside their marriages,and they, with –husband- of my grandmother-lied- to authorities.They let the priest in their district falsify the birth documents and therewith the identity papers of my mother.My mother is a fanatic and cruel liar about her origin,because of the shame and sin when her parents had her outside their marriages.It is actually my mother who determined the foster level of vision on one of my two eyes.When I want to advance this vision,then she threatens my life and health with help from criminals;psychiatrists and psychologists.If I advance my vision and therewith my intelligence and qualities,then I take inevitably after my mother and her father and his families.She and her father and their families of origin, had much more of qualities than my other families of origin.My mother and her real,but –secret- father in sin and shame,had possibly very high or highest qualities,if they would have been measured on academic level.My mother does with her method reduce her great qualities to the foster level, as she,-my mother,- reacts to her secret father,who was in eyes of my grandmother the charming and most wonderful landlord of Reynifell-Reydarvatn-Keldur-Asgardur.A true fact can be that very high or good intelligence can possibly be used in a highly advanced manner.I am in my research with my very low intelligence on the academic scale measured, trying to be in the most correct manner as a scientist.I maintain that -my mother- has been able to be -a liar- about her real origin,because her culture;university connected culture is itself a very false or betraying culture in front of a more scientific culture of etymologities,the next five minutes and in the long periods towards the year 5000.The most wonderful and charming lord or lady or man or woman can possibly also become the most cruel and fanatic person.In such cases it is necessary according to majority of a population to be in accordance with acceptable law and order of a state and states.Where I have my enemies who I want rather dead than alive,there I have to be cautious,and in accordance with law and order and that is what I am.I demand in front of authorities of law, that high status terrorists who have threatened me and have been dangerous to me,will be sentenced into prison,and that I will have my fair damages.These high status terrorists have caused death of victims,as well as terrorists,recently in United States when this sentence is registered,here in my research, the day number 21 of September 2001. United Nations mean possibly with me that United States ought to be cautious in their their reactions against terrorists.Will these Nations and States become Etymological Nations And States before the year 5000?My root and stem scientific answer for branches is yes to this question as my reader knows.


Not only Charachis and other judged criminals or terrorists to left or right in the political body of Atlas,are dangerous to human lifes,or have been murderers,when I register here this sentence in my research,the day number 24 of September 2001,but also for example psychiatrists with their assistants and co-workers,psychologists,and so called insurance doctors of medicine in west,north and south with east,according to my research. There is an example in my research about a member of a law assembly in a definite country,who may have betrayed -his wife-.His opponents in the law assembly used psychiatrists and psychologists in order to destroy this man,so that he committed –suicide-.I do not know here in my research,whether wife of this member of a law assembly- and minister in a government,-was involved in the persecutions against her husband,because he did possibly betray her in the marriage,or he may have had an affair outside marriage.This member of a law assembly was as more of persons;a man of slander,but possibly too much,than is usual because he had been marked with a brand himself:He was labeled by his competitors,under headship of pschiatrists and psychologists, as a mental weakling,a nerd,and noone had therefore need to take this man into account –more-.His competitors told him with the alleged  –dirty- psychiatrists and psychologists,that he could be -a nerd- or a -poor fellow- in a -mental hospital-,and he would therefore never become able to be a minister again,as he had been, or president or prime minister of the country.Such positions were reserved for them,his competitors,but not for him. Psychiatrists and psychologists have been used in many cases,or because of any reason, to destroy character and personality of victims.The persecutions have in cases, ended with suicides of victims,or the non-compos mentis man or woman have committed murders.I maintain in my research as a scientist that it is in common interest of the political parties in law assemblies in connection with universities- on their ways possibly to become etymologities- to bring an end to, for example, the dirty portion of medicine,which is defined as psychiatrists and insurance doctors of medicine,connected with psychiatry and psychology.Psychiatrist or psychologist would not be on scenes of life,according to my research,if etymologitas,would have been -a tas of scientific research,but not universitas.The president –Bush- and his enemies and their teams,could have had other tasks,than they have,if they would have been connected with etymologitas but not universitas,according to my research,if I have permission at authorities,to define in my root and stem analytic manner in premises of real scientific branches and all branches.Is it possible that neither Islam nor Christianity is the only one and true culture?Is it a true fact that there are many powers to the thrones of fate;that for example free and socialized and centralized market do not have more than the founders Frigg and Mercury in centrum and at socius,as powers to the thrones of fate?United States and Soviet Union, have both had difficult tasks:Both these "unities" in century number 20,have been unities of many nationalities.But what is a unity or university?It is not a -ty of every number as is defined in Oxford Dictionary Of English Etymology.The excellent language scientists do sometimes make errors.University or unity is only a -ty of number one or unus.The number one is certainly very important,such as is husband or wife in a marriage,or the president in a country or king and queen.But is there too much emphasis somtimes or in some cases on number one,such as in theology,which seems to be the reason for the version in the -tas,universitas,originally.Was Yeshua: Jupiter Optimus Maximus,but not the only one,the way and the truth,unus solus sanctus?Was Mohammed also a lord of power to the thrones of fate and Adam Smith and the doctor from Trier and the newest Nobel Prize winners and many more,but are they, all of them, bad beginners,some of them terrorists,in front of a common system or sustema,in Greek, compared with leadership in the year 6000?Is there a word for system in every language family,which is different from The Greek word? I emphasize here in my research that faithfulness,devotion,such as in a marriage can be or is certainly the best method,but if there is a sinner at work,such as outside marriage,then the lord of the lords and his magna mater dei,or Virgin Of Woden, forgives her or him.The lord is also a lord of punishment in some cases such as in David psalms 1-94.He is there possibly; father and holy spirit of the son,in The Old Testament.I ask in my research whether the trinity can be common for Heathens and Christians and Islam and Israel and  Cherokees and other  powers  to the thrones of fate,with help from root and stem scientists for branches:The language scientists.


Betraying one´s partner is not an ideal,according to people in good marriages,but the use of the dirty and cruel and merciless and hypnotizing and narcotic psychiatry-psychology in such a context or in any context,is according to my research,a serious crime against free mind and against the right to be as one wants to be.-The left- or the centrum,with the right to be as one wants to be,will possibly be a case for femina et homo etymologiae in the future, when femina et homo etymologiae will be on scenes after periods of the primitive homo sapiens.I ask in my research whether future woman and man in the year 6000,will be able to use both hands equally,both in the physiological and in the political and market scientific manner,not under headship of United Nations,but under headship of Root And Stem Scientific Nations For Branches.The reason is that -unity- of the ancient homo sapiens is only a word for the number one,but is not a -ty of every number.Number one is certainly very important,but the other numbers also.I ask in my research whether the unity concept has been abused,or used too much in university culture.Was the original unus solus sanctus,who seems to have given reason for the version in the -tas,universitas,not more than Optimus and Maximus, according Terminus for his terminology?There will possibly be an answer to this question before the year 6000.Is it a crime at every psychiatrist and psychologist to use,or abuse Psyche as they do?My answer is yes to this question, as my reader knows.When the one and true spouse does betray,then divorce is a possibility.Free and socialized and centralized market,will according to my research,not become united,but root and stem scientific market departments at their founders,Frigg and Mercury in centrum and at socius before the year 6000.


As a lord of Reynifell-Reydarvatn-Keldur-Asgardur-in South Iceland -from Scandinavia ,I am not an heir,of lord´s houses, according to law,- not more than The Duke Ellington was a duke in England,or not more than H.C. Andersen- was king of Iceland and Norway and Faroe Islands and Denmark,although he was an alleged first son of the king,but on the black market in a very dangerous period for sinners of this kind,who were sentenced to death and executed,if the case was discovered.Capital punishment was forbidden in The Icelandic-Danish-Norwegian- Faroe-Islandic Kingdom,some years after the crownprince committed his alleged crime with the countesse Ahlefeldt.I am an alleged secret daughter son of a landlord,and shipowner, in a fisherman´s village,who was of the families defined in my research text in my books.My mother is a landless and fatherless lady of Reynifell-Reydarvatn-Keldur-Asgardur,of South-Iceland.Her father had her with my –grandmother- in sin, outside their marriages.Her father was ready to be her father on the black market,and ready to  support her in that manner,to become for example educated as a doctor of medicine,because she,my mother has high or highest intelligence as her secret father.She rejected him almost completely,and his intelligence,which she inherited from him.She did not want to have a father on the black market,which was the only possibility for the landlord,her father, to be,because he was married to his lady,and my grandmother was married to her husband.The church and other authorities in the year 1925,when my mother is born,did not permit divorces,as far as I know.The nobility of Iceland,could not construct palaces as the nobility on the continent,but the personality was similar to such personalities on the continent;fine and strong lion and eagle in man and woman.The Royal House of Keldur of Rangárvellir nearby the vulcano Hekla in South-Iceland,-where the ancestors, the landlords and ladies, were descendants of king of Norway,-is rather like -a hut- than a palace.It is in care of National Museum of this country.It is connected with -The Royal House Of Oddi-,which is well known among many language scientists.The forecast at a seeress is partly dedicated to landlord -Sæmundur of Oddi-,who was father in law of –lady Thora-,who was daugter of king of Norway;Magnus Bareleg in Middle Ages.My grandfather on the black market,a –landlord- in South Iceland studied in - Edinburg,-Scotland,after his confirmation in South-Iceland,but studied unfortunately not at The University.He may have had,or had highest intelligence.My mother is fanatically –cruel- against any information about her real father.She maintains that  her father was the husband of my grandmother,who is in the false manner registered as her father.My mother has with cruelty kept my vision on my left eye on the foster level from my birth,in order to let it not be too obvious,who she is and who I am.If I dare to open this eye,then she threatens my life and health with help from criminals.I assume,that if I can or do use my vision on both eyes, after my mother has gone to her ancestors,then my research may become more advanced than hitherto.I register this sentence in September number 26,2001,A.D.,with reference to number 26 of September,in the year 6000,A.E.Anno Etymologiae.


I seem to be able-,in spite of my very limited scientific and academic intelligence and knowledge,-to understand and analyze a little and great context,which I would like to define as -etymotext-if such a new word is permitted in Oxford and Cambridge and Edinburg and in other towns of English language.There is a little bit of confusion in my mind,this day in September,here in my research,as I am concerned with my applications on the market for my next practice with my research.Is there an employer on the market,who is on his way to answer with yes to my application,or do I need to prepare my next application?When will I go home again to countries of my ancestors,to Scandinavia,to wonderful Copenhagen,and other towns at home in Scandinavia?Will I have the next practice there on the market,with my research,or will the next practice be in Reykjavik?How will all the holy powers,defined in a forecast at a seeress in Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland, determine my next practice with my scientific research?The holy powers in a forecast at a seeress are root and stem scientific powers for real scientific branches and all branches.Free mind of a real scientist or at anyone, is founded at Frigg.She is the lady of the lord of victory.Her lord seems to be in a trinity as Woden in Old English with Tır and Balder.As Tır he is based with, or he is Zeus and Jupiter.Is he also outside the trinity of Heathens as Freyr,a faulty present from Fields Of Ships,for example because of war connected with peace?Was it possible for so defined Renaissance masters to be Masters Of Etymology For Branches,without being Reniassance masters,because the naissance was bad,or rather bad at Homer and at other men of power in ancient periods,because beginners are always bad beginners.Therefore there ought not to be Renaissance,but Root and Stem Scientific And Artistic Naissance For Branches.For the purpose of Etymologitas,but not Universitas.Is the following question a good and real scientific and artistic question in my research:When will the Nobel Prize Committee in Stockholm,Sweden,have the great Nobel Prize,for a scientist or for an artistic scientist,who can,-better than I can,-be concerned with etymologitas instead of universitas?


The Second And Minute And Day Of The Answer Yes At An Employer


I register here in my research, number 29 of September in the year 2001:I refer this day to number 29 of September in the year 5000,when there is an end to the ancient type; homo sapiens,according to my books.I prepare this day in September,here in my research,the next application for next practice with my scientific research.The weather this day is not as good as yesterday,but is not bad.I ask here in my research how root and stem analytic meteorology is possibly pursued in the future,with other root and stem analytic sciences.I register here this sentence ,this day in my research,at the moment after 16.33,GMT. I ask the powers to the thrones of fate about the weather and events and situations and circumstances at this moment after 16.33 GMT in the year 5000,the day number 29 of September.The holy spirit does tell me in premises of real sciences and other sciences,in root and stem analytic manner for branches,that the development will certainly become in the meaning of the word development,counted from roots to stems for branches.----The first of October 2001,A.D.,Monday,is registered here in my research,after 10.45.There is good weather,this day in the town, where I have published my seven books on Internet.An employer has not yet answered one of my applications with yes.It is possible that I must have an application in addition to the applications at employers,where I have the interest here in my research to have the next practice on the market of production and services.I thank all the sacred powers to the thrones of fate for the tasks that I have on the market until I have my next practice.I have not yet here in my research, a scientific intuition about my next practice.I have here in my research a kind of extra sensuary  or more precisely  linguistic,etymological perception,or clairvoyance,which I analyze with my scientific intuition in premises of real sciences,in root and stem analysis for branches.My applications are,when I register this sentence;at home in Scandinavia,and in Reykjavik,Iceland,and one of them is possibly for a position outside Nordic countries.I prepare here in my research, the next application at the moment when I register this sentence ,because it seems to me in my root and stem scientific intuition for branches,-in etymology,but not in theology of the holy spirit,that applications,which I have on the market,will not be answered with yes.My reaction to this perception or clairvoyance or extra good or sensuary perception;- that I will have the answer no, where I have my applications the 1.of October 2001.Seek and you will find,but not in theology,but in etymology,in the name of The Holy Etymological Church and Synagoga and Moska and other holy houses which will possibly be constructed on The Moon or on Jupiter and Mars,as well as on earth before the year 6000.Then, in the year 6000,there may also be constructed holy houses in the name of Frigg and Mercury in centrum and at socius,as these powers and all powers to the thrones of fate will be considered as sacred powers in their context in Etymologitas,but not as these powers were pursued in the ancient universitas,in the century number 21.


I ask this day here in my research,the holy spirit in the root and stem scientific manner for branches,in etymology,but not in theology,to show the way towards the answer yes at an employer on the market.Deus Mercury or Mercurius,founder of the market,will possibly or certainly,according to my research,become deus or holy power to the thrones of fate,in his exact context or possibly -etymotext- in the year 6000,with deus Mars,under headship of dea Juno and deus Jupiter at Terminus for his terminology in the highly advanced etymologitas after the end of the primitive universitas.Deus Mars will according to my research,possibly or certainly become deus,where he, in the year 6000 has become a lord,with his lady of armies which will be concerned with war, without bloodshed,as homo with his femina in root and stem analytic manner for branches.The scientific and practical work the next six seconds and minutes,can possibly serve the future goals for the long periods until the year 6000.The huge dr.Marx from Trier became,a deformity or abformity,because universitas culture and culture of Academia were also in that manner,before the huge dr.Marx was on the scenes,as a monster overagainst a monster, according to my research.If Etymologitas would have been established in Italia,when The -Tas Of Universion was established,or universitas,-then this huge dr.Marx would possibly never have had -x in his name,but -s,according to root and stem scientific conditions for branches.The possible excellent dr.Mars from Trier could possibly have been on scenes of life instead of dr.Marx,if The Can Of Vates or Woden or Vatican would have been The Etymocan,with Etymologitas.Deus pater in the trinity,- would in the case of The Etymocan,- not have been analyzed in theology,but in etymology,or in root and stem analytic manner for branches.It is a question in my reseach whether there was a need in sciences for deus pater instead of Jupiter and Zeus,or whether there was rather a need for etymology,or root and stem analytic sciences for branches,-as such sciences are defined in any language,outside Indo-European communities,- instead of mythology and theology and philosophy,and instead of the dirty psychiatry and psychology,and their social sciences.Instead of other university branches,also,which are for example based on false Roman Right,or on the false dr.Marx,or on relativity,which is worse or much worse than root and stem analysis for real scientific branches,and all branches.


Huge Religious Groups Connected With The Answer Yes To The Application On The Market


The huge religious groups in centuries number 20 and 21 are so defined free and socialized and centralized market persons,connected for example with alleged Psyche-phrenic persons,who are,according to my books,every psychiatrist and psychologist.These greatest religious groups of all times in production and services,are only based at Frigg in North-European science,Mercury or Mercurius in south of Europe,in Italia,and socius, there also, in Italia,and Psyche ,who is a minor position in The Greek context.It is my suggestion in my research in my seven books on Internet,that Nobel Prize winners and their equals, take into account, more than hitherto, the next six minutes and in the long periods towards the year 6000;the root and stem scientific contexts world wide,for all branches of universities,on their way and ways to become etymologities,not later than in this year 6000.The first scientist- who has maximum,but not minimum qualities as I have,-who becomes root and stem scientific for branches,can possibly become the first Nobel Prize winner in four branches:In medicine,without being a doctor of medicine,where he or she can win the prize for the highly advanced etymoatric medicine instead of the violent,cruel and merciless,or dirty in its mildness and scheming, brutal Psyche-phrenic,and narcotic-phrenic psychiatry with its dirty and brutal psychology,where these deformed branches with their jaws of vulture of dirty deformed health sciences and in dirty parts of hospitals, of deformed -versities in their universion, as they are universities,are a menace over against many possibilities of the human mind.The great prize winner in the future can also win the prize in economics,without being an economist,because of his or her exact use of the oicos concept for oicosnomic branches of the employement and house accommodation agencies,for every applicant,but not only for majority,as are meanings in the narrow and fanatic and cruel and arbitrary and merciless programs of free and socialized and centralized market persons,connected for example with the Psyche-phrenic psychiatrists and psychologists,and some other religious groups such as Islam or Christianity.The great prize winner can also have his or her Nobel Prize in literature,for excellent combination of art and science,or art which is based in premises of real sciences in root and stem analytic manner for branches.The prize winner can also have the war-prize instead of peace-prize,because of wonderful or terrible war,fought in the mind of the artistic scientist, without bloodshed or murder or murders,or massacres,committed in fields of life,such as in world war and other war, and in revolutions,and in terrorism,or in a personal conflict between two and more of individuals.I want my enemies dead rather than alive,but I ask the holy powers to the thrones of fate who are in charge of my brain,-or any brain,who wants to have control from root and stem analytic powers to the thrones of fate,-to punish my enemies.I demand in front of court of law,that my enemies will be sentenced to prison,but not to death,in accordance wit Nordic law,if it is with permission at court of law. It seems to me,where I am a scientist with my very little minimum of qualities,that for example the huge dr.Marx from Trier,and for example any other person of power to the thrones of fates,before and later,had a reason and has a reason to be in root and stem analytic manner and manners for branches,better and much better than have been traditions and habits of universitas cultures,or culture of Academia.Platon and Aristoteles and every philosopher, for example, have betrayed the root and stem sciences,or the etymological philology, with the false philosophy.Even the language scientists themseleves have not been at work,as there have been urgent needs for them;excactly on the borderline between root and stem sciences,-and all the branches.It is difficult to base branches on the cruel and merciless caput Romanus and socius,because of their crimes against occupied countries,such as against the ancient Jewish and Arabic nations.The sin definition can possibly be used in this connection but not in the false theology,according to my books,but according to the accurate and genuine premises of real sciences;according to root and stem analytic sciences for branches,if I am permitted to have this meaning in my books on Internet,without being excommunicated.I ask all the powers to the thrones of fate to forgive me and correct me,if there are errors in my research in my books.The character and personality of Yeshua and of the huge dr.Marx and of Hitler and Churchill and of any person in the world,is according to my books analyzed at the Etruscan stem phersu.Psychiatrists and psychologists are examples in my books about unus-phrenic maniacs towards a certain stem from root and stem scientific contexts.They are Psyche-phrenic maniacs.University characters and personalities have always been in some universion away from etymoversion of etymologitas.


The king of the lords,Yeshua,who seems to be,according to etymological philology ; Woden in Old English in his galder in the son Balder,in trinity with Tır based with deus pater in The Can Of Woden or vates or Vatican,has come to me ,while I have published my books on Internet.He seems to be merciful,with his great mother,who is possibly or certainly; Virgin Of Woden,-Od´s mey- in Royal Book and Law Man´s of Copenhagen from Iceland.They seem to forgive me, my research text.They seem to be in accordance with paragraph of ladies and lords of Royal Book and Law Man´s Book,that it was the worst crime ever committed when Hödur murdered his wonderful brother, Balder,for Loki.It was possibly or certainly not a sacrifice,but a murder of a terrorist and terrorists.Yeshua was possibly on his way to understand with Pythagoras and Arcimedes and Hippocrates,the importance of real sciences when he was murdered.His galder as he was Balder,was and is possibly important.It is possibly blasphemic to define with heathens the galder.Miraculum or miracle is possibly a better word,but this word or any word can not be analyzed perfectly,except with help from language scientists.It is a question in my research whether The Vatican and universitas may be on their ways to become The Etymocan and Etymologitas on The Moon and on Jupiter and Mars as well as on the earth not later than in the year 6000,A.E.,Anno Etymologiae.I ask here the rulers of greatest religious groups in beginning of century number 21;Frigg and Mercury in centrum and at socius;the day number 3 of October 2001:Where shall my application be on the market,in order to have the answer yes from an employer,if noone of my applications,this day here in my research,will be answered with yes?They do not answer me at the moment when I ask the question;-the great queen Frigg in her connection with the great lord Mercury,where they are connected in centrum with centralized market and with socius for socialized market.In Islam or in Christianity connections or in some other connections,such as with Heathens about Woden,Tır and Balder in his galder,as he may have been or was certainly Yeshua,the king of the lords.Was he possibly Freyr also outside the trinity of Woden,Tır and Balder Baal in original?Was he in the position number four as Freyr?A faulty present from Fields Of Ships,because his great peace,has been too much connected with terrible war and revolutions,and conflicts in mind of each woman and man and between two and more of individuals and socius-connected -ieties,or societies?


I thank them;the great queen Frigg and the lord Mercury in their connections with centrum and at socius,-for the tasks ,which I have on the market,when I register this sentence in my research,as an artistic scientist in premises of real sciences,where I will possibly or certainly have soon the answer yes at an employer on the market for my next practice on the market with my scientific research.The scientific value of my research,is,-according to my estimation,or mark or attribute,-in the root and stem analytic method for branches,in premises of real sciences.Etymological analysis are root and stem analysis for example for odontological branches,and branches of engineering.My branches are the branches of the market,and its characters and personalities,and its politics.The market itself has a certain character and personality at its founder;the lord Mercury or deus Mercurius.A portion of scientists of lingva Latina,may consider this lord as bad or good.He will possibly or certainly become more advanced in the year 6000,than he is in the year 2001,when this sentence is registered in my research.The queen Frigg,of the lord Woden, makes it certainly possible for the lord Mercury to be in so defined free market.-Juno and Hera and The Semitic ladies or queens,and ladies of other nationalities or races are different from Frigg,but they seem to be connected with a great queen in Israel in the first century;Juno and Hera as well Frigg.Juno is the queen of Jupiter,based with deus pater in The Can Of Woden or vates,which is possibly or certainly:The Vatican.Zeus is based with deus pater and Jupiter and Tır.Tır seems to be a member of a trinity with Woden and Balder.Frigg seems to be or is certainly,and actually a name of a Semitic queen of the world,who became in her position;Frigg; at Snorri Sturluson and at other lords and ladies of Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland.Frigg is the queen of the lord of victory,who hanged on the tree of wings,cross tree.This means that she seems to be,or is: The Virgin Of Woden,-Od´s mey-or virgina magna mater dei.There,she is in the position,possibly,or certainly, as Freyja,sister of Freyr.Their parents were Njördur and Sif,a brother and a sister.If the alleged dirty Sigmund Freud assumed that Yeshua and Maria were begotten in a dirty incest,and became therefore an incest-phrenic maniac,- then he ought to be -etymoatric-but not Psyche-phrenic with every psychiatrist and psychologist, about this bulky or great case in Israel in the first century.This great or bulky case in Israel in the first century,seems to have been connected with terror for Israel,and then Arabs and Aryans and other nations and races, ever since Yeshua started to be the great lord of the lords.He may certainly have been the great lord of the lords,but is it possible that he ought to interpret his great position in some other manner than was his manner?Is this also valid for Mohammed?Were both these men too much in their egos,of their cultures,as well as has been common ever since?Freud,and Karachis and every other psychiatrist and psychologist are according to my books too much in their egos with Psyche as Hitler was too much in his ego with national socialism,as Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are too much in their egos in Islam and at Mohammed?Their enemies are possibly too much,or are not correctly in their egos at Frigg and Mercury in centrum and at socius,in so defined free and socialized and centralized market.Was it better to have a defence force in Saudi Arabia from United Nations,than attack force from United States and Great Britain,in order to defend United Nations in front of too much of Saddam Hussein´s interpretation of Mohammed and Islam? Was the huge dr.Marx from Trier too much in his ego in his caput-istic policy and socius-istic policy and co-istic policy and feudal-istic policy?Was there a need for the huge dr.Marx to be etymo-istic as a scientist,or was it even better for him and the world;if he would have been etymological,or root and stem analytic in his branches about the market? His possible Etymological,or Root And Stem Scientific Manifesto, about Caput Romanus and socius,but not Communist Manifesto,- could have been a good book with other good or scientific research texts for George Bush and Bin Laden and their predecessors in terrible positions?Those who commit the crimes must be punished from point of view of a friend against an enemy.I have my -enemies-,who have murdered,or destroyed,or caused suicides of their victims,but I have only the demand in front of court of law,that these enemies will be sentenced into prisons,but not to death.That is The Nordic method.The friends of the enemies can be dangerous,if the enemies will be sentenced to death.My enemies are high status criminals,who are educated in alleged partly dirty universities,in alleged partly dirty departments of medicine,and in alleged partly dirty faculties of social sciences,connected with other alleged partly dirty faculties of universities.Here I emphasize my respect for the excellent part of universities.But as -ties of universion with for example every psychiatrist and psychologist with more of terrorists in other branches,-universities- have been obstacles to not only free-but etymological,root and stem analytic development of character and personality of each person.


I ask here in my research,the day number 4 of October 2001,the holy spirit and The Virgin Of Woden, in etymology,but not in theology,to tell me whether my next practice on the market,will be at home in Copenhagen- Scandinavia, or in Reykjavik,Iceland.Do I need to prepare my next application or will an application,- this day in my research,-on the market-be answered with yes at an employer?I thank god´s mother and god in etymology,but not in theology ,for the practice which I have this registered day,on the market,with my scientific research,but I am trying here in my research,to find a practice on the market,which suits me a little bit better or much better,than the practice is, this registered day.I pursue washing up in a baker´s factory when I register this sentence.I hope here in my research that my reader,has had some etymological ,root and stem scientific therapy and treatment,where I am rather good artistic scientist in this possibly very important research field.I maintain as a scientist in premises of real sciences that so defined psychiatrists and psychologists do need etymoatric therapy and treatment,some of them as prisoners in prisons.Others where they have lost their positions,where universities on their ways to become etymologities,have with law assemblies had common conclusions about no more of appropriations to these dirty branches of medicine and of social sciences,neither to Karachis in eastway,nor to such persons in north,west and south.-Murderers are bad as well as mass murderers-.Such is a paragraph in an errand from me to highest committee of a law assembly,where one of its members was destroyed by dirty psychiatrists and psychologists,and their accessories,who were competitors of this member of a law assembly.He committed suicide,and they,his competitors could then become ministers and more,possibly because the competitor was dead. These examples from alleged partly dirty university culture can not swallow me, or my character and personality,with their dirty accessories,although some of such dirty persons,have such interest,where I have told truth about false birth documents of my mother,which is not a political case.I am not only safe and secure in my demand in front of court of law,that certain so defined psychiatrists with their accessories will be sentenced into prisons.I am also safe and secure, scientifically, for practices,with my excellent possibly etymoatric doctor´s of medicine,who are real scientific doctor´s of medicine.They tell me,all of them,that I am not only in perfect health,but more than that:I am in premises of perfect health,and in premises of real sciences.My excellent possibly -etymoatric- doctor´s of medicine are on their ways to learn etymoatric medicine,better than hitherto,the next five minutes,and the next fifty years, and their successors- then- in the long periods towards the year 5000.Homo sapiens of the 21.century has possibly reasons to estimate prospects,and has reasons to be a participant in a program until the year 5000,and in a program for a more distant future. Resurrection has meaning in etymology,or in root and stem sciences for branches, as well as in theology of Christians,or at every person after death,where the person at the Etruscan stem phersu, can possibly become in the holy ghost,rather than in the non-holy ghost .After resurrection,the person can possibly continue to be what it wants to be in eternity after life.Real sciences can discover the meaning of eternal life as well as life,in their premises,in root and stem analysis for branches.


The landlord,my mother´s secret father,appears to me,after his death,possibly as a sinner and threatens me,where I dare to mention his real name on the world market of Netscape,in my books published.Therefore I have to change his name or have it in another manner than was his real name while he was alive.He seems to me to have same behaviour after life, in eternity, as in his life of material world.He seems to be alive after death,as every other person. Only a portion of the type homo sapiens seems to understand connections between life and eternal life.Physiology of the brain cells,is only a branch with branches,about how brain cells and their system do control the mind and the body.Etymological analysis are in premises of real sciences.Such analysis are rootational and foundational for real scientific branches.The powers which control each brain,are in root and stem sciences at The Etruscan stem phersu for personality,and in Greek -sustema- for character.These powers are personal,such as Ge for geology and genius for engineering.These powers are not only personal as there is the personal holy spirit of the church,or Allah of Islam,or Woden in Old English,connected with vates in The Can Of Vates,or Vatican.Odin is his name in Scandinavia,and he was and is the lord on the tree of wings,cross tree,but ought possibly or certainly never to be on this tree of terror.It was the worst crime ever committed when the terrorist Hödur or Herodes,murdered the merciful and wonderful Balder,or Yeshua,his brother, for Loki. The final type of woman and man,-who will according to my research, be femina et homo etymologiae,-will according to root and stem scientific prospects for branches,understand or -etymostand-or stand in root and stem scientific manner at connections between the very important life and eternal life.The employment and house accommodation agencies which will in the future be at work for every applicant,but not only for majority,will,according to root and stem scientific prospects,be based at etymological market.Etymological market,is free and socialized and centralized at its founders Frigg and Mercury in centrum and at socius in connection with caput Romanus.Frigg and Mercury with caput Romanus and socius,to left and centrum and right and shoulders in political body of Atlas,will not only have resurrection to eternal life,but will be born again,as Balder and Hödur,and the whole team,from root and stem scientific periods, for branches.Even Mohammed will be again on scenes of life in the year 5000,with Yeshua and the huge dr.from Trier,and with Adam Smith and with Nobel Prize winners from the ancient century number 21.They will be on the scenes in femina et homo etymologiae.They will possibly or certainly consider themselves as very bad beginners,as they were in the ancient periods,for example in centuries number 1 or 7 or 19 or 20 or 21.The systems of income and profit in the periods when femina et homo etymologiae,are on the scenes in etymologitas culture,instead of universitas culture,is possibly or certainly different from systems in the year 2001,when this sentence is registered.Those who have less,will possibly or certainly have more,and those who have more,will have less,gradually the next five minutes and in the long periods towards the year 5000.Income and profit,which is root and stem scientifically analyzed for branches,do have deeper and more comprehensive meanings in etymologitas sciences,and practices, than in universitas sciences and practices.Homo sapiens,-for example psychiatrist and psychologist,or other terrorists,such as Bin Laden,and his opposition, in the ancient century number 21,- do have according to my research,a very superficial,and in cases ,a very dangerous character and personality,or some portions of homo sapiens are murderers or mass murderers,where these portions can not tolerate a common system.The common system,which is in a case,so defined United Nations,will according to my books become Nations Of Every Number,but not only of number unus in the year 5000.Unities of all kinds,will come to their ends,according to my books before the year 5000,because unities are only based on one number;unus.Etymological analysis,or root and stem analysis will come instead of universal analysis,or etymologitas will come instead of universitas.Etymological States,will come instead of United States of Allah and Mohammed or Yeshua,or Christianity, or of free and socialized and centralized market.


I use here in my research,an Indo-European language.I am brought up in such a culture.My English is limited,but I use that language,because many can understand it.The Nordic culture,where I am brought up in,has Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland,where is a forecast at a seeress,which I estimate as more important than Shakespeare and the work of the count of Jasnaja Poljana,Leo Tolstoy,and the work of so defined Renaissance masters.-Völuspá- which I translate as -Forecast At A Seeress-is possibly too much under influence from Christianity ahead,when it was created or registered.It was possibly not necessary to let the world end in accordance with meaning of a portion of Christianity.True facts about the future are possibly that the future will be better than the present moment,for those who are fortunate,and have the mercy of holy powers to the thrones of fate.Good or excellent portions of homo sapiens,have been victims of terror.Etymology,or root and stem sciences for branches of the church and Synagoga and Moska,and Acropolis and Parthenon,and for sacred locations of Cherokees and other nations and races,are in premises of real sciences.The huge creator of a religion;the dr.Marx from Trier,did never understand or analyze his connections with the cruel and merciless caput Romanus and socius.Adam Smith was not concerned with Etymological Analysis Of Wealth Of Nations.The newest Nobel Prize winner in economics,when this sentence is registered,was presented in TV,as a man of the free market.He nodded and smiled when he was presented in this manner and had no comment about it ;how he was presented.The comment of a future Nobel Prize winner,will according to my research,be that free market is a religious power to the thrones of fate which has not more than Frigg and Mercury as founders.Allah and Mohammed are not either every power.They are only two of many,and all powers to the thrones of fate.Socialized and centralized market portions are religious powers which are only based at Mercury with socius or in centrum of lingva Latina,which is connected with the Greek Atlas,who has more than centrum as every body.




My mother´s father on market of sin,was actually a wonderful lord of landlords families of Keldur-Asgardur,of South-Iceland,as he was estimated by my dear grandmother.He was a fine noble eagle and lion in man,of poor nobility of this country.This nobility is originally a branch of The Norwegian Royal family of Magnus Bareleg.Thora,daughter of the king of Norway was married to Loftur, son of landlord of Oddi of Rangárvellir;Sæmundur Sigfússon.The Royal Book of Copenhagen from Iceland is dedicated to landlord Sæmundur.He was one of giants among scientists of star bright Middle Ages.He was considered to be a lord of magic or miraculum or galder in the son Balder.Odin and Tır are possibly with Balder in a trinity of Heathens. This trinity of Heathens,seems to be scientifically comparable with the trinity of The Can Of Woden or vates or Vatican.This trinity is no longer the most important value or values when this sentence is registered here in my research in October 2001,with reference to October number 1150,and October in the year 6000.The landlords and ladies of Keldur-Oddi,of Rangárvellir,South-Iceland,could possibly not know, during star bright Middle Ages,that most important values ahead for the century 21,would become Frigg in the north with Mercurius in south of Europe in connection with centrum at socius with caput Romanus,in so defined free and socialized and centralized market portions of socius-connected -ieties,or so defined societies of Capitol House in Washington and in other towns of the world.Lords and ladies of Royal Book and Law Man´s Book knew Frigg very well,but possibly or certainly not the lord Mercurius in south of Europe. I register here in my research The Monday number 8 of October in the ancient year 2001,where I ask powers to the thrones of fate whether it is possible to stop the terror between Bin Laden,and Talibans of Afganistan,when this sentence is registered in this ancient year,- and their enemies.Is it possibly the best device to ask United Nations and International Court Of Law to be concerned with the terror.Is it possible to judge criminals in absentia more than has been done?The power of all nations together is according to my books weak,until The Nations become Root And Stem Scientific For Branches.The United Nations,or any other unity in the world, such as unity in so defined university,or in Einheitsparteis Deutchlands under Hitler or Honnecker,or in United Soviets or States or Kingdom,or Unity of Talibans or of Bin Laden,is false,or -betraying- compared with -etymoity- or etymologity or Etymological Nations and States and Kingdom. or Manchester Etymological rather than Manchester United.Unity is only a -ty of one number; -unus-.It is not a -ty of every number.I ask the powers to the thrones of fate,whether it is always worse to fight war,or to pursue terrorism than to have compromises and judgement at court of law.The answer to this question comes to me from powers to the thrones of fate,with: Yes; it is always worse to fight war and pursue terrorism than to have compromises and judgement at court of law.Even Yeshua,the king of he lords ought possibly to be careful and diplomatic in connection with dove-speculators in the temple,or with his brother Hödur or Herodes,if he;Yeshua, was Balder.It was his duty,according to my research,to live as long as possible,and approach the great real science,which has been connected with Pythagoras,Arcimedes and Hippocrates,instead of being a lord of authors of terror with Mohammed and more of men and women of power to the thrones of fate.Yeshua and Mohammed and more of such men were great lords of power to the thrones of fate,who may have been bad beginners.In a portion of the trinity of Heathens,it is registered that Yeshua as Woden on the tree of wings,offered one of his two eyes to bottom of spring of giant of memory in order to obtain The Knowledge.Is this a false paragraph at authors of manuscripts?Was it possibly Maria,his mother who offered one of the two eyes of her son in order to make her son on foster level of knowledge about the real lover of Maria?A person with little vision on one of two eyes,may also have little knowledge in his or her brain about his or her origin.Oculistic doctors of medicine know many cases among their customers,who are ordinary people,but are right-eyed or left-eyed as well as left-handed or right-handed,but most common is blindness on both eyes,unless glasses are used, as may have been vision of Hödur, brother of Balder.


My mother is a cruel and merciless liar about who was her real father in sin and shame of her mother outside marriage.She threatens me with help from criminals where I dare to tell the truth about her real father;the wonderful lord of landlord's families of Reynifell-Reydarvatn-Keldur-Asgardur -Kirkjubær-Vikingslækur.My mother´s method,when she had me,was the wodenic method in the spirit of the lord of manuscripts;she made my vision,a foster vision, on one of my two eyes,so that I would not be able to be as my highly intelligent mother´s father and his parents and ancestors,ladies and lords of Keldur-Asgardur,because, if she would have had such a permission for me,then it would have been too obvious- in my character and personality,-who was her real father.I do not need the black piece of cloth in front of my left eye of the sin of my grandparents,as a descendant of these pirates on dry land.I have from birth;foster vision on my left eye of the sin.The lord of the lords has forgiven my grandparents their sin,but my mother refuses to accept the forgiving and has been partly very cruel and merciless in this connection.I assume here in my research,that I can open this eye,dedicated to the sin of my grandparents;the day, when my mother is ready before she goes to her ancestors,to confess;that she has lied to me and others, and to authorities of law and order;who she is.The prospects are that she will not make this confession.The prospects on the other hand,for universities,are, according to root and sciences for branches,that Etymologitas will be on scenes instead of Universitas before the year 6000.Universitas is a -tas of universion,from many powers to the thrones of fate,according to Heathens,over to unus solus sanctus in theology,who was not only unus solus sanctus,but also only begotten,or his father was the holy spirit of the lord.The lord of victory is according to Heathens:Woden in Old English,who is connected with vates in The Can Of Vates or Woden,which seems to be The Vatican.He was and is the lord or father of galder in the son Balder.His brother as he is Balder,this great lord of Heathens and Christians,has a very difficult family,such as the brothers Thor and Hödur.Hödur murdered Balder for Loki,and Thor was swollen with rage,when The Virgin Of Woden,or -Ods mey- was given,possibly from a race to a race.The Aryan race may have given itself this alleged faulty present from a country which is field-like,as is Palestina,with its dessert.The faulty present is given from The Fields Of Ships.Had they a need to sail across the ocean with the present,and named therefore the field- like country:Fields Of Ships?They did not know to begin with;The Heathens,that Frigg in the north and Mercurius in south of Europe,were on their ways to have a mixture,in centrum and at socius with caput Romanus in so defined free and socialized and centralized market,in caput based Capitol House in Washington,and at its socius-connected friends and enemies.


Tır is brother of Thor and Hödur.Tır is possibly the second person of the sacred or holy trinity of Heathens,overagainst The Holy Trinity of Christianity.Balder is possibly the first person,at The Etruscan stem phersu,Tır,the second person,and Woden or Odin,for The Can Of Woden,is possibly the third person of the holy or sacred trinity of Heathens.They were holy; the powers to the thrones of fate,according to a forecast at a seeress in Royal Book and Law Man´s Book.Therefore I emphasize that fact here,in my book number 7,about my great and comprehensive subject;the holyness of good or excellent powers to the thrones of fate,who may have limited access to homo sapiens,because homo -sapiens- is superficial in his -sophic- or philosophic condition of mind,which is for example monotheistic at Platon in Academia and certainly monotheistic also in The Vatican and in Christianity,but monotheistic there about unus solus sanctus in front of another unus solus sanctus.Then there is the third unus solus sanctus,and so on and they fight in terror against each other now and then,and do have peace now and then,in the culture or cultures of the -tas of universion;uni-versi-tas culture.Tır is based with Zeus in the Greek portion of the common oicos-logical system or sustema rather than ecological system.The Greek scientists who produced Psyche for example,as a minor power to the thrones of fate, in connection with Aphrodite,who is possibly or certainly, originally Astarte,or Achtoret,a Semitic lady,did possibly never mean in their program,that Psyche ought to in phrenia of mind of so called doctors of medicine,or so called men or women of social sciences or at law scientists and such persons of practices,or at engineers,who were on the scenes much later than they were; the ancient producers.The lord Mohammed did possibly or certainly not either mean that Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein ought to be in their styles.Yeshua,or Woden in the trinity with Tır and Balder,did possibly not either mean that George Bush and his friends ought to have their difficult and cruel role in front of a cruel enemy.Yeshua was possibly on his way from the terror on Golgata,when he was arrested and murdered.He was possibly as the brave Tır in his second person of a trinity on his way to become one in his trinity with Woden and Balder in the galder of real scientists of ancient periods.Why could he not behave in style and manner of Pythagoras and Arcimedes and Hippocrates?Was it because of the offer at spring of giant of memory and knowledge?Did his mother Maria loose her memory there at this great spring,as my miserable grandmother,when she forgot,or could not tell her priest,that she had been a sinner with the landlord and the shipowner in the fisherman´s village;the wonderful landlord of houses of Keldur-Asgardur?The countesse Ahlefeldt could not tell authorities either that her great lover had been the crown prince.-H.C. Andersen,was possibly or certainly not as great lord, as the lord of the lords,but nevertheless;he was in a very difficult position,if he was a secret son of the king of The Danish Kingdom,because sinners of this kind were sentenced to death in the year 1805,Anno Domini.Such cruelty is no longer available when my grandmother committed her sin with my grandfather,but it was nevertheless very difficult for them to lie at their spouses and to authorities.My mother who is the secret child of sinners,is fatally cruel against information about her real father.It is a thematic question in my research,whether the birth documents of universitas,or universities,are real or false documents.The question is not only about unus solus sanctus in The Vatican,and in Christianity,but about the other sanctuses on the scenes,who seem to be on the scenes in opposition to the theological unus solus sanctus.The free market man at The Etruscan stem phersu for personality,is not unus solus sanctus,for example,but is only based at the founders Frigg and Mercurius.The socialized and centralized market man is not either unus solus sanctus,but is based at Mercurius in centrum and at socius.The psychiatrist with psychologist,is not either unus solus sanctus,they are only based at Psyche,and their Psyche-phrenia is according to my books the real scizophrenia,mental sickness,at every psychiatrist and psychologist,while their victims are healthy.I have to be thematic here in my research with the variations,which means that I have to repeat the theme with the variations,because the subject is hugely comprehensive.I am concerned with a system of terror or peace and war.I maintain that I am concerned with development the next six minutes and in the long periods towards the year 6000,periods of great change; from homo sapiens towards femina et homo etymologiae;and from universitas towards etymologitas.


I ask here,at this moment in my research in my book number seven,the day number 11 of October 2001,with reference to October in the year 2050,and in the year 5000-all the holy powers to the thrones of fate to show me the way towards their mercy and punish those who deserve punishment,for example in accordance with David´s psalms 1-94,or in accordance with any respectable root and stem scientific context for branches.I ask the holy powers in accordance with Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland,as its Forecast At A Seeress can possibly be modernized and made more perfect than it is in the manuscripts.Regina will possibly come with The Rich one,in a modernized forecast,as femina with homo etymologiae before the year 5000, or very soon.The Rich one is defined in the end of this forecast without Regina,at the end of the world. There will possibly or certainly be no end of the world,but in a very distant future,before the year 2 000 000 or before the year 5 000 000,and then,it may become possible for descendants of femina et homo etymologiae;angela et angelus etymologiae,to have good or excellent conditions on Jupiter and Mars and  on The Moon,when earth has no more of conditions for human life,where the sun will make these conditions impossible on earth.The future until great change will occur, will partly be very good possibly,and also during and after great change for those who are fortunate,or do have mercy of powers to the thrones of fate.The mercy is based at the lord Mercurius on Circus Maximus.He is under headship of Juno Regina and her great lord Jupiter Optimus Maximus.The lord Mars has a position in the context and more of lords and ladies,or powers to the thrones of fate, according to Terminus for terminology.The Etymological,Root And Scientific Nations,will be on the scenes instead of United Nations according to my books,before the year 5000,or before the year 2500.Their task is difficult but it is possible to approach a common ocios-logical,and oicos-nomic sustema or system,rather than ecological system,or economic system for the many different cultures,and races and languages.


Here is the end of my book number seven about the formula in Excel and Word and for book keeping programs and all programs; a^2+b^2=c^2.Pythagoras was according to my books,unfortunately not root and stem analytic for real scientific branches,but was involved in the false philosophy,as is every philosopher,according to my books.Etymology has premises for real scientific branches,in roots and stems.If the king of the lords;Yeshua, was under influence from Greek philosophy,as has been a question at BBC experts in a TV program,from Britain,then the attention can be towards Platon where he was a monotheistic philosopher.Yeshua was more than a monotheistic lord of philosophy,according to sources.He was the way and the truth,according to sources.My question is whether the way was rather in front of Yeshua;the way from the terror in Jerusalem and at Golgata to life of 100 years or more,with a wonderful lady,possibly,and their child and good fortune,possibly.Was it also possible for Israel to have a better solution,than the solution chosen 1948,after the terror of Hitler,and his godfathers?Is it possible to maintain as I do in my books that the huge dr.Marx from Trier,- and Lenin,- caused Hitler with their international socius-istic policy?Is national socius-ism or socialism,a direct consequence of international socius-ism or socialism?Is the caput-istic or capitalistic tendency or policy,or caput-connected democracy of Capitol House,caused mainly by the huge dr.Marx from Trier in his caput-centric and socius-centric,co-and fedaul centric superfacistic ego?Was it necessary for this huge dr.Marx to register the books which he registered?Was the character and personality of this huge dr.Marx,destroyed by a portion of Aryans,where another portion of Aryans;The Imperium Romanorum invaded and destroyed the ancient Jewish Nation and damaged The Arabs.Is Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden fortunate,to be not members of The Chosen Nation,or is there a terror on both sides?The difference between Arabs and The Jewish Nation,seems to be very much connected with the name Yeshua,who is alleged, or is certainly or possibly the king of the lords,even among Heathens as well as among Christians.If Yeshua would have been from Bagdad or Damaskus, or would have been particuarly connected with Osama bin Laden as an ancient relative or ancestor,then it is possible that Arabs would have had to go the way from bin Laden district or from Bagdad and Damaskus to Auswitz.Only Hitler was unus solus sanctus in Germany in his period.Is Charachis and every psychiatrist and psychologist an example from university culture about unus-phrenic university character and personality,who does abuse stem or stems from root and stem scientific periods?Is every psychiatrist and psychologist a Psyche-aholic,and Psyche-phrenic personality and character.Is it better to have good or excellent beer and wine and strong drink in a proper manner,not too much,not too little,-than to have dirty narcotics,from narcotic-speculators who is every psychiatrist?Psychiatrists and psychologists are certainly -sects-,but not the greatest congregations in university cultures,but they are examples in my books about dangerous maniacs,who misuse stem or stems from root and stem scientific contexts for branches.As I am root and stem analytic scientist about market,character and personality and politics,I can certainly mean in premises of real sciences with my etymoatric dentist or oculist,or general doctor of medicine,that Psyche,has a minor position and role in the Greek root and stem scientific context for branches.Zeusatric or heraatric medicine,is possibly too much at Zeus and Hera.Therefore I choose with the most excellent scientists and academic persons;the etymoatric medicine,which is a pure real science based at x-ray and blood example,or at other real scientific method,as can be considered necessary.The dirty medical faculties in dirty universities,do not discover in real scientific laboratories,that Psyche,from The Greek root and stem scientific context ought to be used as it is used in the dirty psychiatry with the dirty psychology,in faculties of so defined social sciences.The so called faculties of social sciences will,-according to my books,- come their ends,when Etymologitas has come instead of Universitas the next five minutes and in the long periods towards the year 6000. The greatest religious congregations;the free and socialized and centralized market,will in the future become common root and stem scientifically analyzed market for branches.


I do not know here at the moment when I register this sentence at the end of my book number 7; the future of my research.It depends upon my next practice on the market; how much time I will have for my root and stem scientific research text connected with the practices on the market.It is also important,or possibly -etymoportant- if such a new word is permitted in English,-how my opponents,or critics, or scientists react to my research,published in my books on Internet.I understand or I stand etymologically,or root and stem scientifically,for example at a critic or opponent in Oxford,England,who wrote to me,that a summary of my research,which he read,was almost entirely incomprehensible.Another critic reacted to the expert in Oxford,that he himself;the expert in Oxford,might possibly not be correct,in his reaction.My research is certainly only a little bit comprehensible,because Etymologitas has not a tradition compared with Universitas.My research is based at roots and stems for branches.It can take a long time,possibly counted from the next minutes and until the year 6000,to get used to Etymologitas instead of Universitas.University is according to my books a superficial institution compared with Etymologity.The real scientists and all scientists,need to base their branches better than hitherto on the stems and the roots.Etymologitas in the year 6000,will make no difference between real sciences and other sciences.It was not necessary,according to my research,to establish universitas in Italia during Middle Ages.It was a bad device compared with the good device,which could been:Etymologitas.Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland,is for example about a good device of Æsir in front of bad device of Æsir.The bad device of Æsir was chosen:Universitas was established in a version from many possibly holy powers to the thrones of fate,over to unus solus sanctus in theologiae.Even majority of The Jewish Nation has as far as I know been in opposition to the theological interpretation about the king of the lords;Yeshua.The burden has been great for Israel and then Arabs and all nations.Was Yeshua a faulty present from The Fields Of Ships;Freyr,outside the trinity of Woden Tır and Balder; Baal in original?Became Egill Skallagrimsson in the interpretation of Snorri Sturluson too bad,because Yeshua was too good to be true?Was Yeshua too good in Woden´s galder in the son Balder?Was he not enough a man or a lord of material?It must certainly have been excellent for the thousands who were hungry,when he in the mircle had food for them,but was there a possibility for the great lord to be towards real science,and practice, more than he was?Would Thor of the brother Balder, or Mars in front of Jupiter, who may have become a monster in the huge dr.Marx from Trier,have become as he became,if The Great Can in Roma,would have been The Etymocan,but not The Vatican,with Etymologitas,but not Universitas?I have not here in my research a direct contact with Mohammed or Allah or Jehova or deus pater of The Vatican,so that I must therefore ask them to forgive me and correct me,if I have errors in my books.I have not either direct contact with the queen Frigg and the lord Mercury in their left or right or centrum or at their socius and at their caput based Romanus,as those seem to have, who interpret them in so defined free and socialized and centralized market,with great cruelty,at each part,partly.I am only a scientist with minimum knowledge,but I have possibly foster sprouts towards great qualities of scientists in the year 6000.If I am not correct in such a definition,then I ask in a forecast at a scientist,with a forecast at a seeress of Royal Book and Law Man's Book in my hands,-all the holy powers to the thrones of fate to forgive me and correct my sentences and paragraps in my books.I ask for example in my research,whether so defined Christianity ought to have help for The Jewish Nation,not in the old dessert,but in countries of so defined Christianity,after World War II,because a portion of Arabs are in a very cruel manner opposed to their relatives in the ancient country.Those Arabs who want to be, or have been friends of Israel,have not been fortunate;a portion of them.The international socialists,caused,according to my books;the capitalists,and the national socialists are also consequences of the terroristic theory of the huge dr.Marx from Trier,who had himself,as dr.Freud later, a damaged or destroyed character and personality,damaged or destroyed by a portion of Aryans.Lenin and Stalin and The Austrian terrorist in Germany;Hitler,and Charachis later and every psychiatrist and psychologist,and other persons of little or great power to the thrones of fate, would possibly have had more advanced characters and personalities,than they have had,in a university culture,if the culture would have been root and stem scientific for branches.


I ask here at the end of my book number seven; the dead;particularly my mother´s parents on the market of sin outside their marriages,to rest in peace after death,although I define them as a scientist about law and order,as they deserve to be defined; that they are parents of my mother.They let a priest and then  authorities falsify the documents of my mother.They lied to authorities.The landlord,my real mother´s father,seems to be,for me alive,in eternity, after death,as everyone is,according to root and stem sciences for branches.He is, according to my personal experience, uneasy,in his grave,where I define him as the real father of my mother.I ask here virgina magna mater dei and Jehova,or Jave or Jove or Jupiter and Juno;Zeus and Hera, and Allah and Buddha and Tao,and the great spirit of Cherokees, and every power to the thrones of fate,or the powers who, or which can be defined as rulers of solar systems and galaxies,to keep Eidolon and Psyche of my mother´s parents, calm and easy after their death.I ask as Psyche has a minor position in Greek root and stem scientific system for branches,but not as she,or it, is in the dirty Psyche-phrenia of every psychiatrist and psychologist.I ask in the name of The Holy Etymological Church or Moska or Synagoga or Academia in the year 6000,but not as these institutions are in the ancient year 2001,when this sentence is registered.I ask Zeus and Hera as they are king and queen in Greek mind and consciousness to forgive my mother´s parents their sin,when they had my mother,and I receive the forgiving from virgina magna mater dei and deus pater,as they will be analyzed in the year 6000,in The Holy Etymocan,or in The Holy Etymological Can Of Vates, rather than in The Vatican,which will possibly be on The Moon as well as on Jupiter and Mars and earth.Zeus has the meaning saviour.It is necessary according to my books to be a root and stem analytic scientist for branches,in order to be able to analyze for example the huge d.Marx from Trier in Germania,and his consequences:The huge religious congregations based at Frigg and Mercury in centrum and at socius:The so defined free and socialized and centralized market portions of socius-connected -ieties,under influence from,for example terrible Islam,or terrible Christianity,or from terroristic psychiatry and psychology,pursued by every psychiatrist and psychologist. A bishop on The Moon in the year 6000,will possibly have the name; Charles, after a very ancient bishop from the year 2001,or it is my suggestion up to  femina et homo etymologiae in the year 6000,whether  Charles will be the name of one of the bishops on The Moon,Anno Etymologiae 6000.The Ayatollah,and lord of Synagoga and Acropolis and Academia, on The Moon,and on Jupiter and Mars in the year 6000,will with the possible bishop Charles,be root and stem analytic,language scientific lords for branches.I do not register here sentences to laugh at,because the development must become in accordance with the meaning of the words and the concepts,from roots to stems for branches,if it is with permission at my publishers,and at authorities, and at a portion of readers,to have the meaning from roots to stems for branches.