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IS UNIVERSITAS ON ITS WAY AND WAYS TO BECOME ETYMOVERSITAS AND ETYMOLOGITAS BEFORE THE YEAR 3000?IF NOT-THEN WHY NOT? The research presented here is about possible future branches better based than hitherto on their stems and roots in accordance with etymological analysis.It is estimated within this research that original systematic authors such as Homer and Platon and authors of the church,ought possibly rather to be concerned with etymologia than mythologia,philosophia and teologia.It is estimated within this research that there is possibly a huge need for better work than hitherto,exactly on the border between root and stem sciences and all branches.Would ETYMONAISSANCE have been a better naissance than RENAISSANCE?Why possibly?Possibly because the naissance itself was a naissance at rather bad beginners.Was it possible for Homer to be an etymologist,rather than mythologist?Was it possible for Platon to be just an etymologist,but not a philosopher?Does Platon as a philosopher betray etymological analysis,or root and stem analysis for the branches.Was it and is it possible for church and Christianity and for the oppostion of Christianity to be on speaking terms with etymology instead of theology,psychiatry,psychology and social sciences and more of branches which are not based as there are reasons to,on their stems and roots? Was it possible for the doctor from Trier,to register Etymological Manifesto but not Communist Manifesto in order to cause not revolutions, world war and other war?Is etymoatry a more accurate and scientific medicine than psychiatry of Karachis-Milosevits and of Nato?Does the psychiatrist and psychologist everywhere overuse and misuse the Greek minor muthos Psyke?Is the psychiatrist-psychologist an example from universitas about overuse of stem or stems from root and stem sciences for all branches?Does The Capitol House overuse the caput stem?Does its socius connected opposition overuse the socius stem?Was and is it possible to educate better within etymologitas than within universitas?
Etymologically analyzed deus pater and magna mater dei and their court are asked within this research to show the way and the ways towards the year 3000,from point of view in the year 1999,when this sum up of the research is presented on The Internet.If there is a nonsense or non-science within this research,-then etymologically analyzed deus pater and magna mater dei and their court are asked to forgive and correct such possible sentences and paragraps within the research.The research is considered to be a highly scientific and meaningful subject.How is Etymologitas possibly more advanced than Universitas?The free and centralized and socialized market is a huge example in this connection.These market departments ought possibly never to be split from each other.The psychiatrist and psychologist,have possibly never had a root and stem scientific permission to split the minor muthos Psyke,from the major root and stem scientific context for modern and future branches.Etymological real scientific doctor of medicine can explain that psychiatrist-psychologist are themselves scyzophrenic characters,but not their victims,because scyzophrenia is the Psykephrenia of the psychiatrist himself and of the psychologist.The concept phersuality is used within the research presented here rather than the concept personality.The concept phersuality is used within this research in order to emphasize Etruscan origin of the concept,or the etymological root and stem sciences for the branches instead of for example superficial Psyke-phrenic universitas medicine.It is estimated within the research presented here that all university branches need to be based better than hitherto on their stems and roots,in accordance with the accurate real scientific and genuine etymological philology. -
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