Jens Of Reynifell
From Scandinavia:

In Premises Of Real Sciences
I have published eight books on Internet when I start this homepage The Thursday number 6 of December 2001.I have in my books  references to  development  towards  very distant future such as towards the year 5000.I am concerned with premises of real scientific branches  and all branches in my books ,in a formula in Excel and Word and for any computer program,which is the same as the formula of Pythagoras,but I use this formula for the political power as the second power,after the first power,which is in root languages.My curriculum vitae with adresses of my books,is;

My  books  have the adresses;

I  register here in this sentence in my research;The Monday number 17 of December 2001,with reference to the future the next six minutes and towards the year 6000,when femina et homo etymologiae are on the scenes,according to my research published in my books on Internet.I am this ancient day here in my research trying to find out with my scientific intuition in premises of real sciences,whether one of employers,who have my applications,does  have  the answer yes,so that I can have then my next practice on the market with my scientific research.My intuition in premises of real sciences,in root and stem analysis for branches,does tell me that noone,or possibly one of the employers,which have,at this registered moment,-my applications-may have the answer yes.The practice on the market ahead will in one way or another,be connected with my research theme for all variations.In my research theme is free and socialized and centralized market,based at its founders;Frigg and Mercury,in centrum and at socius,connected with Romanus.Romanus had the caput stem;the head stem in Capitolium,but he may have been or was certainly  rather in the name of Mars,as a lord of armies and terror against enemies and victims.In my  research in my books published on Internet,I am  concerned with  modern and future branches,based better than hitherto on their stems and roots,in accordance with research conclusions of linguistic scientists,where I am  myself a scientist about branches of markets,characters and  personalities,and political systems.I thank god´s mother and god, here in my  research,as  they are connected with  many powers to the thrones of fate,-for the practice,which I have at this registered moment,until I have a practice which may suit me better possibly,than the present practice.I seem to be able to see towards the future here in my research,in premises of real sciences,in root and stem scientific manner for branches,but I can not see exactly my next practice on the market.I ask at this registered moment all the holy or sacred powers to the thrones of fate in etymology but not in theology of the holy spirit,-to tell me-where I will have the answer yes at an employer,if my applications,which I have at this registered moment  on the markets,will be answered with no.I maintain in my research published  in my books,that The Holy Etymological Church and Synagoga and Moska and Acropolis and  Capitolium,will be established on The Moon,not very soon,but before the year 6000.Etymologitas will become the scientific institution on The Moon and possibly also on Jupiter and Mars as well as on earth,before the year 6000,according to root and stem scientific prospects for branches.The old and ancient university,will be considered in the year 6000,as a -versity of only one number :Unus.There are many other numbers to count than only one number.There are many more than only the devil at the left  hand of the lord.University seems to be or is certainly established as a theological institution originally connected with The Holy Vatican.The Holy Vatican and other churches,seem to have left the left hand as the hand of the devil,while this hand can possibly be the holy left hand of woman and man,with the holy right hand and their holy centrum and shoulders,such as Atlas can be or will be before the year 6000 in his political as well as geographical  body.I ask the question in my books,whether femina et homo etymologiae,who will be on the scenes in the year 6000,after the end of the ancient and primitive homo sapiens,-will be able to use both their hands equally,both in the physiological manner and in the political manner and in all manners.  
University has according to my  books, always been an institution which has abused stems from root connected stem scientific periods.It started with theology in its version from many powers to the thrones of fate,over to the universion in universitas about unus solus sanctus.Philosophy,and later theology  in Academia,have always been  false or betraying sciences  in front of the most accurate root and stem analytic,etymological,comparative linguistic sciences for branches,which are in premises of real sciences.Psychiatry and psychology are among newest examples in the ancient century number 21,about false or betraying use of stems,from root connected stem scientific periods.Psychiatry and psychology me are most dangerous for human beings,and their heart systems,when psychiatry and psychology is mixed with real science of medicine,such as genetics,or   science about heart,with blood examples and x-rays.It has never been proved or demonstrated,or established in any real scientific manner that Psyke,from Greek mythology,ought to be used as it is used in so defined psychiatry of medicine,or in so defined psychology of so defined social sciences,not more than the story about the king of the lords,that he is unus solus and sanctus in the universion in universitas.Psychiatry and psychology is just a new religion in addition to for example the theory of the huge dr.Marx,or the theology of the church,or theories about free and socialized and centralized markets of Islam or Christianity. Every religion,not least the one which is mixed with real sciences in the most  intrigue manner such as is psychiatry in medicine,can be very dangerous to human health and heart,and mental order or balance or harmony.Mental health has never been defined by the Psyche-phrenic maniacs,who is every psychiatrist and psychologist, according to my books.Mental health or anything between heaven and earth, is defined  and analyzed in premises of real sciences by root and stem analytic scientists for branches. Therefore is my emphasis in my books, on  the highly advanced,root and stem scientific -Etymologitas-  instead of the primitive and partly  dangerous   Universitas and Academia  of peace and war,and  more of terror,  from the beginning.Etymological  doctor of medicine,or even etymoatric doctor of  medicine  in Etymologitas ahead,the next six minutes and in the long periods towards the year 6000,does use stems from root and stem scientific periods in a proper context,in premises of real sciences.He or she are examples from the highly advanced -Etymologitas- of the future.Both god and the devil are possibly worse than  femina et homo etymologiae,who will be on the scenes the next six minutes and in the long periods towards the year 6000,according to my  books,instead of the primitive and partly dangerous homo sapiens.The terrible,or alleged dirty and incest-phrenic-and  sex-phrenic   dr.Freud is an example in my books as well the huge and superfacistic dr.Marx  from Trier and his  "legitimate"  and "illegitimate" "godsons",Lenin,Stalin Hitler,Mussolini, and Churchill and Roosevelt and Eisenhower . If Freud  for example would have respected organization chart of Greek mythology,then he would rather have been a zeusatrist or zeuslogist,than psychiatrist and psychologist.As a zeusatrist,this alleged dirty Freud,would possibly have been too much concerned with  the leadership,as well as The  Vatican  and the whole church.Zeus is based with deus in his most famous connection with pater in The Can Of  Vates or Woden or Vatican.He is also based with Jupiter and Týr.Týr is possibly a second person of  a trinity of Snorri Sturluson and more in Nordic Countries.Týr is possibly there with Balder as the first person and Odin as the third person.Frigg is the queen  of the lord of the lords,and she is most clearly the founder of anything free,such as free market.Frigg and Mercury or Mercurius in centrum and at socius,are in premises of real sciences,analyzed in my research as most influential for human mind and brain and heart.Frigg is connected with Freyja,who is -Od´s mey-,or Virgin Of Woden, in Royal Book and Law Man´s Book of Copenhagen from Iceland.Virgin Of  Woden  is most likely or certainly virgin of the lord,who was crucified on the tree of wings,cross tree.The great lord of the lords,is Woden  in Old English,who fought against the etin -Vaftrúdnir-.The etin Vaftrúdnir is possibly not Allah or Mohammed,but he is at least very  different from the king of the lords; Woden or Odin.It is possible that Woden or Odin is connected with Freyr,just as Frigg seems to be in the position as Freyja,where she is a faulty present from The Fields Of Ships.She is possibly as Freyja with her brother Freyr;a faulty present,for example because they are begotten in incest,which is the most disgusting manner  of intercourse,according to normal people.It is  a question in my research  whether Freyr and Freyja,were also a faulty present,because of their possible connections with  god and the devil of church and Christianity.There was no god nor devil before   church and Christianity were established.There were gods and goddesses and more of beings.They had various characters and personalities. Noone of them were mentally sick,they were just very different from each other;the powers to the thrones of fate.Characters and personalities are in my research analyzed at The Etruscan stem phersu,in premises of real sciences,but not in accordance with  psychiatry,which is a false  Psyche-phrenic  medicine,according to  my books.                  


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